Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3 Steps to Create Facebook Ads

Facebook is the first among its class to give a new dimension towards innovative Ad creation and targeting process. It’s very much unique when it comes to targeting unique audience. Facebook has got the largest number of active users which has crossed a population of more than 800 million. So think about branding your products or services on a website which is having such a huge reach of audience. But if you compare it with Google then you are making a big mistake. If you are trying to create an impulse on the viewers of your Ads then Facebook is the best place.

Here’s a step by step guideline towards the making of a successful Facebook Ad. Just make a blue print about the Design of your Ad, Target audience & Pricing and you are all set to run. Here are the 3 simple steps to create a Facebook Ad:

Sign in to your Facebook Account and go to the footer of your wall or home or any page where you will find a link “Advertising”. By clicking on it will redirect you to the first page of Facebook Ad creation.


By clicking the highlighted link will take you to the first page which will perfectly look like this:

Select “Create an Ad” button and you are set to put all the details about your Ad. Now you can see a page which has a lot of fields to be filled up by you which are pretty simple like this:
    1.  Design Your Ad
Here you will be required to put a few details like:

Destination: Specify the web page or Facebook destination page that people should end up on after they click on your Facebook Ad or Sponsored Story.

URL: Specify the web page that users should be sent to when they click on your Facebook ad. Make sure your ad and the target page are related. Ideally, the Destination URL should allow users to take action on what caught their interest in your ad.

Title: Write a title for your ad that is specific, compelling, and interesting or catchy. Avoid all-capitals or multiple exclamation points, as these titles will not be approved. Note that if you are advertising a Facebook page, your title will automatically be the name of that page.

Body: Use this section to further explain the product or service that your ad is about. Emphasize benefits to the user, unique qualities of your product/service, and any special offers. End with a clear call-to-action that users should take if they like your ad.

Image: Use this section to upload an image for your ad. The image should be related to your product/service and, to make it even more compelling, related to your title/body text for the ad as well. Choose an image that is clearly visible when it is small.

The last one is the “Preview” area where you will find how your Ad will look like.
    2.  Targeting
Here you will be targeting your audience through various parameters like:

Location: Choose countries where your target users are located when they access Facebook. 


Enter an age range for your target users. If you're not sure, start broad, and then narrow later based on the ages of people who see or click on your ad.


Select "All" unless your ad should target only men or only women. Note that some users do not enter a gender, so you can only reach such users by selecting "All".

Precise Interests 
 Precise Interest targeting lets you define your ideal audience by what they are interested in, using terms people have shared in their Facebook profiles. These may be drawn from their listed interests, activities, education and job titles, pages they like or groups to which they belong. 

Topics (marked with a #) let you target everyone who has expressed interests closely related to the term you select. E.g. "#Cooking" lets you reach interests like "cooking", "cooking tips", and "cooking and eating". Precise interests (unmarked) target people who have expressed that specific interest. E.g. "cooking" includes only the interest "cooking". 

Advanced Demographics: 

Interested In 

Select "All" unless your ad should target users interested in a specific gender for one or more of the following: friendship, dating, a relationship, or networking. Note that some users do not specify this information, so you can only reach such users by selecting "All." 


Select "All" unless your ad should target people with a specific relationship or marital status. Note that some users do not specify this information, so you can only reach such users by selecting "All". 


If you think your target users use Facebook in a different language than the common language for the location that you specified above, enter that language here. Otherwise, leave this field blank to target all users in a location, regardless of the language they choose to use on Facebook. 

Education & Work: 


Select "All" unless you would like to target users who are in a specific stage in their education, or who attend or are alumni of specific colleges. 

Work Leave blank unless you would like to target users who work at specific companies or organizations. 

    3.  Campaigns, Pricing and Scheduling

This is the place where you will be fixing your budget for the Campaign, scheduling it accordingly and choosing the option to either Pay for Impressions (CPM) or Pay for Clicks (CPC). For the Budget Type you can specify either a daily campaign budget or a lifetime campaign budget. If you choose a daily budget type, it will distribute your ad spend by day. If you choose a lifetime budget type, it will distribute your ad spend throughout the duration of the campaign. You can also schedule your Ad if you are selling a particular product which is a seasonal one or your Ad is reflecting an offer for a limited time. Pricing can be managed both by Impressions and Clicks. Pay for Impressions are suggested for Branding purpose while Pay for Clicks are suggested for Conversions. But you can use any of them beyond the suggestions. 


Now when you are done with all of them, it’s time to review your own Ad and if everything is fine then “Place Order”. Your Ad will go live within a while and start getting Impressions. The best place to create impulse..Facebook.


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