Thursday, June 7, 2012

Linkedin Hacked! Change Your Password RIGHT Now!

Vicente Silveira (Director at LinkedIn) declared on June 6, 2012 that Linkedin members’ password COMPROMISED. He declared that a huge number of members (unofficial 6.5 Million) passwords stolen.

Though Mr. Silveria declared that they are continuing to investigate this situation, but Security researcher Per Thorsheim confirmed that the passwords are shared via a Russian hacker site.

If your password is in that list you can check through an application known as LeakedIn .
It is run by Fictive Kin, a design studio that has a contract with Betaworks, and Chris Shiflett. When you will type your password in the box, it will convert it to a "hash" (#). Then LeakedIn will check if that # is on the list of hacked hashes.

Linkedin Said they sent Emails to members whose passwords were affected, explaining step by step how to reset them because they were no longer valid on this social networking site.

This California based company founded in December 2002 though launched in May 2003. As per 2012 February report this professional networking sites have more than 150 million registered users throughout the World.

Linkedin did not declare but we are suggesting that change your Linkedin Password immediate.

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