Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You Are Secretly Being Monitored

Yes, it’s true that you are being monitored by the ones you never have thought of. You are in the Social Network like the rest of your friends, family and others. But there are people around you watching your moves as you go online, but that doesn’t make you worry enough. What if they are the people whom you have dreamt to work with? You will surely tie up your knots and start thinking about it.

It’s a big question “How to grab your dream job even in this tough economy?”. The solution is how you handle critical information like the change you should make in your Facebook pages and your email address. We will soon be discussing the Do’s and Don’ts of finding work even in this terrible job market. 

How your email address can be used against you. Leave off the weird nickname and the other bizarre stuff. From resumes and references to research will explain what you need and how the rules are changing when you are looking for a better job.
According to the Employers, Social Media is now the new first impression. People are going to see you before they actually get to meet you. May be you have posted your resume in every single job site you can think is there online and then send it to everyone you can think of but for some reason you still haven’t landed that Golden Job.

What are the things that a lot of people do on Facebook is obviously what they are themselves. They put a lot of things out there but you should be using it as an asset instead of posting kind of weird things. The first thing which is mostly recommended is that :

  • DON’T: Turn your Facebook page into a tabloid. Social Media is now the new first impression. People are going to see you, before they actually get to meet you, on Social Media sites like Facebook. So none of the professional ones will be interested in the Body-shop pictures from those local bar out there and that’s the first impression you make.

  • DO: Use it as an asset. Make sure to project who you really are and that’s what is really important as it is the first impression. So you should be very careful when you set the Facebook page because lot of people say “This has nothing to do with getting a job”. But that really has something to do.
Remember that the recruiters are going to value and they want to find out if they are going to spend 40+ hours a week with you or putting you with people for 40+ hours a week. They really want to know about you as much as they can. So they are going to find a way out to get on to your Facebook page.

Most of the applicants send emails to the Employers from bizarre email addresses, so here are some tips for that.

  • Don’t send your resume from email addresses like This can not only send a bad first impression to the recruiter but also compels them to ignore the resume sent from such an email address thinking it to be a spam or can leave a virus on their computer.

So make sure to have a professional email address in some kind of a shape or form like, leave of the weird nickname and all. 

At the same time keep on researching about the Employer also and keep an eye on their Facebook page also. What they are posting and what not. Don’t just believe the hype. Hiring is a two-way street. They want to know as much as possible and you need to know as much as you can also.

Do make sure to spend time learning about them but don’t just believe what they are telling you, don’t just believe what they are having on their website. Instead, look at trade publications, definitely look at press releases to find out what they have been doing in the news or what the news is saying. Join the local professional associations. It gives the inside scoop from people who are in rival businesses or have worked there before. You just got to know where you are getting into.

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