Sunday, June 3, 2012

CIA Sniffs Through Facebook

Hello everyone, let’s get straight to our top story on Facebook – US Congress reauthorized funding for Facebook for the massive Online Surveillance Program by CIA. According to the department of Online Security Report Facebook has replaced almost every other information gathering program since it was launched in 2004.

According to Christopher Sartinsky(Deputy CIA Director), “After years of secretly monitoring the public we have founded so many people who have willingly publicized where they live, their religious belief, political views and advertised their friends’ personal email addresses, phone numbers, hundreds of photos of themselves and even status updates about what they were doing moment to moment. It’s truly a dream come true for the CIA”.

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Mark Zuckerberg is said to be the Director of CIA’s Facebook Program who once initiated the Facebook Operation for the Agency. The decorated agent code name “THE OVERLORD” was recently awarded the prestigious medal of Intelligence Commendation for his work with Facebook Program. He has also mentioned Facebook as the single most powerful tool for population control ever created due to the maximum amount of time being spent by the users than any other Social Networking sites.

Among the biggest success of the Facebook Program is “Operation FarmVille” which has as many active users as 85 million people after unemployment rates rose dramatically. Other features such as the “Suggested Friends Window” has been allowing Government agents to infiltrate deeper into the networks of suspected dissidents.

So let’s check in with the facts from the fast responders. Senior Political Analyst, Jason Copeland says “One of the key reasons is that CIA has been so thorough in convincing the nation that constantly sharing information about everything you do is somehow desirable”. 

According to Duncan Birch, the Facebook Program save the CIA money like the maps application where you list every place you have been whether it’s a state or a country with the pins which show where you have visited. That kind of information is taken by the CIA and been compared with the Hotel receipts and Plane tickets which shows the information are perfect and can be trusted.

They say there are other CIA programs in the minds of CIA like Twitter. But the main concern is that there are 400 billion tweets but not one useful bit of data was ever transmitted. 

Now is this trend of Social Networking information gathering ‘DANGEROUS’? The answer is “Obviously Not” – are you doing something wrong to hide? If you do, then it’s better to stay away from the Social Networking sites as they are not merely a networking site anymore. A message to the twitter users – “You are still out of the eyes of CIA as they think Twitter is not that much of use for them”

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  1. The role of Social Media in the Internet is uprisings. The Revolution is in the streets, and it smells of blood.