Monday, June 4, 2012

“Unthink” - The End Of Facebook

A team of one hundred people had been secretly working for years at their Lutz house to launch what they are calling a “Social Media Revolution”. The thing is, we don’t know what it is because they won’t tell us about it. It is called “Unthink” which is just about ready to launch. 

For more than three years out of their Lutz home a group of around 100 people worldwide have secretly worked on what they are calling a “Social Media Revolution”. Asking the co-founder of the website, Spiro Verras, replies “I think like Steve Jobs when people asked about his next iPhone, how it’s going to look like, I am dying to share more”. They just won’t let anybody to step inside the house and won’t be revealing about the specifics about what they are doing.

Only that is called “Unthink” and it will launch in a few weeks. It is being said that it will be very important as it’s going to change people’s lives. What will it look like? What will it do? They can only tell us what it won’t be.

It is not going to be a Facebook clone or like a Google+, not even something trying to be the next Facebook. It’s a fundamental Unthinking of what it is to be Social Media. Co-founder Spiro Verras says Unthink partly modeled itself on “Facebook Problems” like privacy concerns, change in terms of recent redesigns, lack of ownership and control – Unthink’s promotional video says all these things.

UK Investor DouglasBay invested millions into the site. Unthink says it will not generate profits of user advertisements. On your Unthink you will not be having advertisements as there are many ways to make money – says the co-founder. “We do not want to make money and have our users hurt in some way even if they don’t know about it” – says Spiro.

Unthink assures us all of our questions will be answered when the site launches. And this is Unthink’s website –

 You can type in your email address where you will be sent an invitation code. The Tampa Company is also supported by a team in India and they are all preparing for this launch. The company being funded by the DouglasBay Capital launches itself as more open and more honest form of a Social Networking. Here the users will find themselves as the owner of their data and not for the Advertisers to sell their products. 

 Taking down Facebook is the core marketing campaign of Unthink. It’s not just another Social Network, it’s a “Social Revolution.”

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  1. sounds like they will rock.. let's see what's happening..

  2. It sounds not so good when the target of new site is to take somebody down.

    1. Sorry to say that the new site is not to let Facebook down but to work on something for the user and only for the user..:)

  3. Didn't they launch with a bang (and those videos) last year and then go away shortly after that? Are they re-launching and just pretending the first go-round wasn't short of a smashing success?

    1. You are right, may be they are trying to do something more different as they have already tagged themselves as a Giant's upcoming competitor.