Saturday, March 10, 2012

Facebook Ads : Proper Demographic Targeting, Huge Conversions!!

You may me struggling a lot to reach out to the right kind of audience for your products, right? If it’s true, then you haven’t started promoting your products or services socially enough. We all are connected to at least a single Social Networking site which we prefer mostly and feel comfortable with. This is the place where we, the customers, are also spending most of our leisure time chatting with our friends, family members, co-workers and others. So think about are chatting with your friend and asking her to suggest you some idea about what to gift your best friend on his 24th Birth Day and suddenly found an Ad about an offer going on for some stylish watches on your wall. This creates an impulse and you find it worthy enough to jump on it and place an order right away. Think like a customer and you win the jackpot.

Online buyers are mostly driven by impulse created by some Ads floating on the web pages we surf the most looking for some information. This means that we are interested in the topic we are searching for. And that is the place where to place your Ads related to your products or services. But advertising products or services and branding has become lot more easier now a days by the social networking sites. They started as a simple online club where we all flock together and gossip but gradually started helping the advertisers to place their Ads in those sites which not only helping the advertisers but also the customers to have their favorite products right there.

So, it’s all up to you. The most important thing to know in this Social Media Marketing is your target audience. It’s all about how you segregate your customers Demography. If you are selling e-Cards, you know you can best target your customers by age ranging between 15 – 30. Products like e-Cards, e-Books, e-Tutorials have a wide range of customers irrespective of gender but can be best targeted to audiences by their age.

Now I can tell you the interesting part of my research on Facebook Ads. Recently I was doing FB and my eyes suddenly got stuck on an Advertisement on the right pane where the Ad was about some “Lounge Wear” which, being a man, I had nothing to do with. But then I went through the content which clearly says “Gift your lady today”. Bingo!! I told my girl friend to keep an eye on her FB if she can see any of the Ads of that online Lounge Shop. After few days she told me that she has also seen the Ads of that online shop but this time the Ad says something different. It says “Surprise your man with exotic Lounge Wear”. This is the art of targeting the right audience at the right time. 

 Often wrongly targeted Ads can make a big hole in your pocket, so being an Advertiser you should know your target audience and have some research work done before jumping on it. I have an example ready in hand which can show you how wrongly targeted Ads can cost you lot more than your budget. I can still see an Ad saying “Opportunity for moms!”. Being a bachelor, will I be ever interested in this Ad? The answer is a simple “NO”. Then why is this Ad on my wall? It’s all because of wrong Demography Targeting. This Ad would have been helpful for a married person irrespective of gender but not for a bachelor. The creator of this Ad was not aware of the “Advance Demographics” option in the Targeting section of the Ad Creation Page. It’s an advice to the Facebook Advertisers to explore all the targeting options to use them at its optimal performance and get the best result out of it.

Hope this small piece of writing will help you a bit in targeting the right audience. However I will be publishing a lot more about Facebook Advertisement tutorials in my Blog which will take you to the step by step Ad creation process thoroughly. Watch out for the 3 Steps to Create Facebook Ads. Happy Reading!!

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